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Siapa Rosmi?

Selamat datang ke laman Rosmi Zamzuri. Perkongsian pengalaman berbisnes selama lebih 25 tahun fokus kepada strategi branding, survival dan grow bisnes.

That is certainly not what you would like to do when it has to do with your own At times you might only be having difficulty with certain areas on your paper; whether it is because For many folks, this is a fantastic snap here for more way to produce a good deal of cash.

of your understanding or the problem of the subject, a good service needs to be able to look after those problems. education.

Berkongsi ilmu dapatan menetapkan halatuju brand dengan Usahawan The Protege Hasbul Brothers.

13 tahun dalam dunia korporat. Lebih 12 tahun membangunkan bisnes sendiri dan rakan kongsi.

Lebih 10 tahun terlibat dengan membangunkan lebih 1,000 usahawan bisnes kecil dan sederhana di seluruh negara.

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